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The heavens shine down upon me!

Okay, I'm finally pulling the bandage off, I really don't want to, but I just can't get to anything much at all right now and it's just making things worse when I know I'm letting everyone down by doing nothing.  I've thought about it a lot, and dropping does that too, but honestly I will almost certainly reapp when things get better because I love you guys and playing Kira.  I'm so sorry, there's so much I've been looking forward to, but as I say, I will be back!!  No, really, you have no idea how much I love playing with and talking to you guys, or how much I've debated this ;;

what am i to make of this?
Hey, guys. Germany won't be following the game to Dreamwidth.

It's been very fun and I've loved every moment of tagging with him, but I think it's time for him for retire. It's been two and a half years since I joined the game with Germany, and I'd say he was the character who launched me into... all of this modding. Sadly, he's already fulfilled his use in Soul Campaign a while ago and I don't have the time and energy to launch into all the work Germany wants to do, especially now that my work is becoming overly demanding and school... well, school is always as it is.

Thank you to everyone who's played with him and the wonderful CR he's gotten here, past and present. Take care of yourselves, brother and citizens! Will be finishing the tags I have of him right now, so no worries about ongoing threads.

I might come in with an easier character to manage in February (or April, as things go). Uguu I've never dropped any of my player characters before... This is harder than expected.

New Character!
...Okay not really. I actually app'd in December. orz Life decided it wanted to be Super Crazy right when I came into a new game >_<


Hi! I'm Rico, bringing sexy Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho back. This Kurama is manga version, so he's a little different than anime!Kurama. For one, he has black hair with a violet hue to it, and violet-grey eyes. He's also a little older, around 18. He's the tactician type, so he'll have been quietly watching the network while he's been here. But he'll be making an intro post shortly - feel free to mistake him for a girl boggle at his different hair and eyes.

Kurama will also be in the market for a Weapon soon, so if anyone wants to talk about that, or anything else, please hit me up on AIM (ricochetrhapsody) or Plurk (ricorori). I'm so excited to be here andkindofnervous!

goodbye, but not for long, I hope.
And you never get away; and
I'm very sorry to say this, especially after making plans with Hibi and Kae and Callie and Picaro for CR and the like, but I'm going to have to drop my current characters. Kujaku (nailbitinghabit) and Shouta (sakuravoid) are going home. (And how awkward is it that I had just posted to the DW taken list and joined the comm over there-) Neither of them has anything notable to leave behind, and Kujaku's cat Mei will go back to being a stray, I suppose unless someone feels like taking her in.

I'll hopefully be back with the next app round, but my activity has been abysmal since I came back and for these two characters my motivation is at an all-time low that doesn't appear to be picking up again, so. Yeah. Letting them go, probably for good this time.

Have a good move, SC, and see you hopefully soon.

Probably a Temporary Drop, also Unintended Hiatus
Skit :)
Hey everyone, first bit of news, I'll be putting Guy Cecil away for a while. I do want to bring him back, but I need to clear some space first. Blahblahblah.

Second bit: I am at the mall using sketchy free Internet because the connection at home is inexplicably dead. I may be back tonight, I may be back next week. It depends on my ISP. Any longer than that and you are free to assume the FBI grabbed me. That means hiatus until this is done. Naoto, this notice is mostly for you.

See you guys when I get Internet again!

Yukeh, drop and hiatus me please. (she is sitting across from me at the table now hahahaha)
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Unfortunately, another drop post.
stealing the wink
Unfortunately, it's all like the subject line says. This is a really tough thing for me to do. I just want everyone to know that; this is the toughest thing I've had to do in a very long time. Soul Campaign is my home away from home; it's my home game, before I even knew what a home game was. Yes, that is the introduction to story time, so bear with me, everyone, I just want people to know a few things. I joined way back when with Vanille; my first time playing her, and my first time playing her with canonmates. I had some of the best canonmates anyone could ask for, and I am sad they're not here right now. But Vanille and I have been through hell and back with this game. I had to leave it, before, when I was in the hospital and I didn't have the drive to RP anymore. But I came back. I said I would always come back, and I wouldn't lie about that to you guys. During my past... oh, wow, past TWO years in total, here, I have made a ton of friends. I have been in and out of the hospital for more then one issue, and I've always come back. I fell in love while in this game, and I experienced heartbreak. I became angry, and I became sad, but it was all tempered throughout with happiness, because of you. Yes, you, the people in the game, those who have left and come back, those who have left for good, and those who are leaving now.

Is this sappy enough for everyone? Something me and Souji share is our love of being extra cheesy. And man... I may have come into the game, and come back into the game, with Vanille, but Souji is the character that you guys anchored me here, with. I was so apprehensive about bringing him here; I'd played him in other games, but you guys had a Souji previously, who had ton a lot of wonderful and amazing things. How could I love up to that? That was what I was worried about, before I sent in the app. How could I love up to the great things the other Souji had done here, before?

I decided not to try. Especially after being told by everyone not to try. I decided to make my own way in this game, and when FM, one of the greatest friends I've made here, came to me with an idea, I jumped on board. I made SEES into the group that it is today. I would never have been able to, though, if it wasn't for the help of a few wonderful and amazing people. I want to take the time right now to thank them; to Em, who came up with the idea to make it a group for kids. To Kae/Pam, who dealt with my constant bothering of her and her character, while Souji worked out how to make this group into what it was. To Becci, who plays an amazing Minako, and who also put up with Souji going to her for every little thing. And to our mods, who read over the horrendous proposal for this group, and who all jumped on board with it, because they liked the new idea behind the group. I could not have done anything in this game without you guys. I really couldn't, and I want to thank you for all the help you've given to me and my characters.

And speaking of characters, this is one of the only places I've felt comfortable trying out brand new characters. I may not have stuck with them for long, but getting a chance to play Claire, Moriarty, and Babs? Amazing. You guys welcome new characters with open minds and open arms, and that is always a wonderful feeling to a player. So thank you, everyone in the game, for tagging me and mine, and for loving the tags when I tagged you.

This is getting long, but that's okay. I have a few final things to say, so please bear with me just a little longer. I want to bring up SEES, again, and let you all know what's going on with it. SEES would have passed on to Yosuke, since he was the co-leader with Souji, while he was here. But when Yosuke left, Souji talked to Minako about it. So Minako will be the leader of SEES, now, since Yosuke will be leaving after Souji. So any comments or concerns about SEES should be directed to Becci, who is amazing and is going to do a superb job with SEES. In wanting to drop for some time, now, the one thing that kept me in this game, besides the awesome CR I have made, is not wanting to see SEES end because it's leader is gone. Nu-uh. Not happening. So everything remains in place, with just a different name on the leader title.

And then, of course, in the grand tradition of characters who've been here awhile and are prepared to leave, Souji has left some letters to a few people. There's also a note to everyone in SEES, along with something else. Remember that Scavenger Hunt Souji has been planning for weeks? It's finally finished, and now everyone in SEES can have something fun to do, instead of being sad that Souji is gone. You can find all of this stuff HERE.

So that's it. This is goodbye. I hope it's not goodbye for long, though. If Souji is still open in a few months, he'll be back, though he'll be back with a clean slate, because that's how I roll. So don't count me out just yet. I'll still be around the internet, and I hope I see some of you guys, too.

I love you, Soul Campaign. Keep on being amazing.


P.S. Nope, not putting any of this behind a cut. Time for me to be a little selfish and force you all to read my long and sad goodbye post.

this has always been my favorite icon
Hello SC! Just dropping a note I'm joining to the drop-bandwagon.

So, just like I mentioned on plurk: I'm dropping Alois. I'm sorry everyone who wanted to have CR-with him etc. It's just that there's really no point playing him now that he has lost Luca for the second time.

So yeah... It's now been over a year since I re-apped Alois to this game and it has been awesome. I've had lots of fun with you guys. I love all of my cr that I've gained here and asjfkashjk;; I want to thank everyone who has tagged this little crazy here.

Maybe I will app him again (because third time is a charm) later? If he isn't taken, that is.

Ilu guys~~ ;A; Thanks for the memories~~

Plotting post!
painting (Default)
*scratches head* Well, I mean, the last one worked out AWESOME and I really like having CR so... any ideas? Uhm. He's currently in the bar, here (also could someone help me the formatting keeps failing at the paragraph breaks...) so anyone looking to annoy a moody, broody, kinda emo someone for stuff and giggles should go there.

I really should have made the cafe thing an open thread...^^;;

Hey Soul~!
Hey guys! It's been a while but I've finally returned from my long hiatus and mostly recovered from rl and comp probs. So back with me is Viede from Chrono Crusade! Let me know if there are any old logs you'd like me to continue and I'll get to it asap!

And welcome to any new players! I hope you enjoy it here~<33

Thanks guys and I hope you have a great week!



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